Think of Austria and definitely the country's stunning lakes and mountains is likely to be uppermost in your thoughts. Lakes and mountains are not only mesmerizingly attractive but a part of Austria's appeal. Austria is a country of vibrating greens - from the lush alpine meadows of its jagged-peaked mountain ranges to lowland sections of grassy fields, river valleys, varied woodlands and the fir tree forest. Austria is also a sparkling white of newly prepared slopes and broad snow carpeting village rooftops, and it is the deep blue of its lakes in addition to its endless summer days strolling that makes the holidaying in this country even more worthwhile. In order to explore the magnificence of this nation, the first thing that you can do is apply for Austria tourist visa .

  • Nightlife : You can make the most of your Austria visit by listening to a classical concert in a cliff-top castle in Salzburg or boogie the night away in a nightclub or disco.
  • Food : Austria has numerous culinary delights. Some of the must-try dishes consist of the traditional wiener schnitzel - fried and breadcrumbed veal - and also apfelstrudel (apple-based pudding), palatschinken (Austrian pancakes) and mehlspeisen (cakes and puddings).
  • Music : Austria has given the world a lot of legendary composers, including Haydn, Schubert and Mozart. Salzburg and Vienna are the best places to wait for a concert.
  • Nature : The spectacular mountain landscape of the Alps contrasts with the flatter River Danube basin in the east. Some of the nature parks that are spread all over Austria are the Hohe Tauern National Park, and Central Europe's largest area of ​​protected scenery.

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Business Visa Austria

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